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*Louie Delaware has earned the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer® designation as certified through the International Association for Child Safety! In essence, Louie is a Master Certified Childproofer!

Louie's best-selling book "The Definitive Guide On To How To Childproof Your Home™" is available for purchase as an electronic book at Amazon. Louie shares his extensive knowledge of childproofing so you can do it yourself.

It’s amazing how fast little feet and hands can move! Now that your infant is turning into a new "Explorer", crawling, cruising or walking, potential danger zones are becoming more obvious and scary to you. Quite possibly, your child has discovered a lot of new areas that you overlooked or thought you had protected against. Now you are wondering what else you need to consider to keep your child safe, and at the same time minimize your stress in keeping your child safe.

Colorado Childproofers

That's where Louie Delaware and Colorado Childproofers comes in. Louie founded Colorado Childproofers in 2004 and Louie has been awarded the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer designation by the International Association for Child Safety, the only one in Colorado. The Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer designation indicates that he has met the exacting standards set by the International Association for Child Safety as to professional education, knowledge and experience in the filed of child safety, ethics, business practices, installation of child safety products and child safety consulting. There are a limited number of individuals in the world who have met these certification requirements. Further, to get this certification, one has to also pass a background check, which is very important for anyone who will be in your home.

By using a certified professional childproofer, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly by someone who is dedicated to helping make your child's environment as safe as possible. For more information about Certified Professional Childproofers, go to www.certifiedprofessionalchildproofers.org.


Colorado Childproofers is your one stop resource for guiding you through the process of childproofing, from identifying problem areas and devising appropriate solutions to helping you choose the right products and installing them properly and cleanly. We also take care of many other family safety concerns, like fire preparedness and radon mitigation. And we warrant all of our work.

As an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer, Colorado Childproofers performs babyproofing, childproofing and many other home safety services in many Colorado areas, including Denver, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Dillon, Evergreen, Telluride and Fort Collins, along with Douglas, Arapahoe, Jefferson counties, plus many other areas. We even do childproofing in Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and other areas as well. Call us today at 303-726-6828 for details about setting up a Child & Family Home Safety Evaluation/Survey (there is a fee for this expert analysis but part of it is credited towards the installation of chldproofing goods) or installing the childproofing equipment for you.

Colorado Childproofers talented staff have helped over 2,000 families make their safer for children and their families. Armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a General Contractor’s Class B license and years of experience in home safety and childproofing - and his own experience as a parent – Louie is The Home Safety Guru®, helping to keep young children and families as safe as possible. Louie is also a Certified Radon Mitigation Specialist, along with a Certified Early Childhood Outdoor Equipment Inspectors, so he has the credentials to help make your home the safest place it can be.

Colorado Childproofers has also helped many families with developmentally challenged children as well as mentally challenged adults to help make their living environments as safe and secure as possible.

Louie has a regular segment on child and home safety on KMGH Channel 7 in Denver. You can see him frequently on the Saturday mornings. Louie also does many international radio segments on child and home safety, including on Radio Disney.

We even do Senior Safety Surveys and installations as we are also an AARP Certified Aging In-Place Specialist (CAPS). We even train other childproofers. Contact us for more information about becoming a professional childproofer.

Professional Childproofing

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2.5 million children are injured or killed each year by dangers right in their own homes. Young children are at increased risk from accidental injuries in the home because this is where they spend most of their time. And as many as 90% of unintentional injuries to children in the home can be prevented by childproofing correctly (Source: Safe Kids Worldwide). Parents spend in excess of $1 billion annually on safety products, but if products are installed incorrectly, are of poor quality or become worn out too soon, the risks remain despite their best intentions.

While parents can identify most obvious hazards, many often go unnoticed. And when it’s time to purchase childproofing products, quality and effectiveness may not be apparent when choosing one that best suits your needs. If that was not bad enough, on average it takes a parent 50 to 75 hours to childproof a home (or even more for larger homes or if they aren't handy).

Having a home childproofed by a professional offers additional safeguards when children and babies are supervised by caregivers when you are not there.

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